20mph Speed Limit Survey

The Welsh Government is planning to introduce a blanket, 20mph speed limit on urban streets, with Wales becoming the first nation in the world to do so.

Most people will agree with lower speed limits outside schools, hospitals and on roads where there is clear evidence of it being necessary and appropriate, but not as a blanket approach, in particular on main artery roads. 

I have been campaigning against the proposals to adopt a 20mph default speed limit across all residential streets in Wales. This could lead to an increase in traffic and an increase in emissions, whilst impacting businesses and those trying to get on with their normal life activities. In addition to this, the Welsh Government’s own Explanatory Memorandum to their Bill says the introduction of 20mph speed limits will cost the Welsh economy £4.5bn pounds.

20mph speed limits across Wales could have a dangerous impact and will be a backward step in how we go about our daily lives.

Let me know what you think about the Welsh Government's plans for a 20mph, blanket speed limit - complete the survey below:

20mph Speed Limit Survey

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Do you support the Welsh Government's plans for a blanket, 20mph speed limit across urban area in Wales?
The Welsh Government plan to spend £33 million introducing the new speed limit. Should this be a priority whilst people are facing challenges with the cost of living?
The Welsh Government have admitted that the new speed limit will cost the Welsh economy £4.5 billion per year. Do you think the blanket 20mph speed limit will be good value for money?